Highlights Of Mountain Safari Trip To Khor Najd And Jabel Harim In Khasab Musandam

Mountain Safari Tours empowers the visitors to visit the most abnormal and delightful channels and heaps of Musandam Region. It empowers to find the locale from the best perspective. Khasab Musandam Mountain Safari 4 Wheel Jeep Tour through the amazing heaps of Musandam. You will have the capacity to visit Jebel Al Harim which is 2087 meters over the ocean level, fossils more than a million years old, town of Sayh arranged at 1100 meters above ocean level. This is a little and tranquil town where one can value the magnificence of Musandam on the level of the mountain. Our Journey will take you to Khor Najd, where the mountain and ocean meets and in addition Al-Khalidiya could be gone too.



Musandam Mountain safari

In spite of the fact that the Khors are the essential fascination of Musandam, the peninsula’s mountainous interior runs them a nearby second. Here you’ll see a portion of the most stunning and most stupendous scenes in Oman, containing a string of awesome limestone crests and massifs referred to by local people as the Ru’us al Jebel, or “Tops of the Mountains“. These are normally investigated from Khasab on either a half-day or entire day mountain safari with a nearby driver on board a 4WD. Half-day safaris typically take in Wadi Khasab, Khor a Najd, Khalidiya, A’Saye and Jebel Harim. Entire day trips precede past Jebel Harim to the extent the Rawdah Bowl.



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